Meal Delivery Samples

Similar to the Bistros of France, we shop for the freshest ingredients then let our imagination take over from there.  A recent study showed that most people at 4pm have no idea what they are having for dinner.  We’ll make that decision by delivering simple to re-heat meals that are hand made with love by our chefs.

Roasted Chicken Dinner – Start the meal with our Carrot Ginger soup made with roasted carrots to extract sweetness then combined with broth, herbs an ginger for a wonderful starter.  Next is Petaluma chicken is brined then prepared Spatchcock style, then roasted till skin is crispy.  Side dishes include brussel sprouts which have be oven caramelized and wild rice pilaf.

Lasagna – Start with a minestrone chock full of vegetables and herbs to whet your appetite.  Next is Lasagna thats made with the ingredients you like. Garlic cheesy bread accompanies the pasta along with a generous helping of roasted cauliflower and broccoli.

Salmon – Pan seared salmon with a light mustard lemon sauce is the star of the meal.  Cooked just through to ensure its still juicy when you warm it up.  Potatoes Gratin which are simply decadent with herbs, cream and cheese.  Tender steamed asparagus with lemon is served as the accompaniment.  Starting the meal is a tossed green salad with candied pecans and a house made herb dressing.

Chinese Take Out – Start off with Lettuce Cups filled with tender chicken, thai basil and water chestnuts.  Family style dining continues with Shrimp Fried Rice made with jumbo prawns!  Clay pot braised tofu with shitake mushrooms and chicken is flavored with soy, ginger and black beans to create a beautiful sauce. Long green beans are tender, yet cruncy and full of flavor.  Lastly is a classic tomato beef, but made with heirloom tomatoes and tender flank steak.

Leg of Lamb – Start off with a house made hummas garnished with Californian olive oil and cucumbers.  Next is the roasted leg of lamb infused with garlic and roasted till juicy and fragrant.  Roasted red potatoes with rosemary, garlic, paprika and sumac are served with a traditional tzatziki sauce. Sauteed chard rounds out this meal.

Memphis BBQ – Low heat and slow smoked pork butt is the center of attention for this meal.  Starter of corn and red bell pepper fritters and a green salad keep you a bit healthy.  Corn bread with diced jalapenos and a drizzle of honey is a served along side.  Lastly, red beans and rice fill up any last bit of space in your stomach.

SPA Cuisine – Some days you really need to eat light and here it is.  Start with our famous Cream of Broccoli soup that is vegan and gluten free.  Next is basmati rice flavored with tumeric, cinnamon and garlic.  Seared Ahi tuna rests on top and garnished with a slightly hot chimmichurri sauce.  Roasted beets and turnips complete the meal.