Cooking vs. Not

I’ve had so many people give me feedback on Blue Apron, Hello Kitchen and other ingredient delivery services. It makes shopping mindless and allows users to put together spectacular dishes from scratch. But are you really cooking or are you being a substitute for the microwave.

One of the essential parts of cooking well in understanding what your ingredients will do. This constant seperation of ingredients from humans is concerning. I’ve seen people get done with a dinner and toss out the equivalent of a refrigerator box of recycling to feed 4 people. I asked another person if they could idenitfy the herb in a tiny vacuum packed cellephane, to which they answer no, but it goes into the pot before the liquid.

Technology is great, don’t get me wrong, but do yourself a favor and really learn how to buy your meats, vegetables, fish and poultry. Be engaged in what your doing not removed and allow your inner chef to emerge. Its in there, behind all the packaging and convenience.


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