Food for thought…..

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words would it take to equal a taste?  I’m not talking about just one taste while you’re cooking, but how about the taste of an entire meal.

A taste of an appetizer, for example, has many tastes seperately then combined becomes something terribly unique.  For example guacamole.  Seperately you have avocado which most people can readily identify.  Garlic….same thing. Salt….same thing.  Onion….same thing.  Jalapeno….unmistakable.  Lime juice is tart.  Mix it all together and something magical happens.  It needs to be done in balance or the dish doesn’t taste right.  If the chips are soggy, the guacamole is not as good.  Similarly, if too burnt or not seasoned properly, something not related to the guacamole injects their personality onto something its not related to at all.  Then what happens to the rest of your meal.

The point is taste is worth more than a thousand words and if you’re going to eat something, think about where it comes from.  We hear it often that people are concerned about their food and would like to know who cooked it and that the put the proper care in preparing the meal, so come a take a class so you can be in control.




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