Happy Holidays!


So another year has come and we’re busily hosting parties, catching up with friends and spending more time with family.  Every year we tell ourselves the same thing…..we need to make more time for family.  But what really happens?  Life.  Life seems to just get in the way.  How do we change this?

Spend more time cooking.  Gathering a group of friends, family or acquaintances together and is rewards and a great way to relax.  We’ve all been invited to restaurants, where its a struggle to get out the house, a struggle in traffic, a struggle to park, a struggle to get seated….why are we doing this?  Oh yeah….its easier that cooking.  We sometimes get mediocre food, poor service and we’re left complaning about the event and cost.  So don’t do it.

Take life back in 2014.  Cook more often.  You’l be amazed.



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