How’s your relationship going…..with food?

We’re often asked about the “best” stuff as it relates to food.  Either the best way to prepare an ingredient, the best cookware, best store, or best for you are questions we get on a daily basis.  What we’ve come to realize, its really all about your relationship to food and what you want out of it.

Some want a long distance relationship.  Send me food and I’ll eat it.  Other a very intimate relationship where they are painstakingly making every component into a dish from picking the eggs for pasta to sourcing salt from the Red Sea.  The vast majority are people who are in between.  They know food is important, enjoy the flavors and experience food brings, but do not want to spend all their time or money on preparing a meal.

We also hear about the best food to loose weight, get healthier, deal with inflammation, or address other health ailments.  Our classes always have a health component involved as seen with our latest series on dealing with diabetes.  The recipes are universal, but especially good for those addressing this disease.

So each person needs to decide on their relationship with food and what they need out of it.  We’ll have classes to address a myriad of topics, but know that the more you experience different techniques, ingredients an receipes, the wider your breadth and knowledge.

Cook well.


Look in the monthly archives. 🙂