The Burger Workshop

One of the quintessential American dishes is the hamburger.  An average, per the Huffington Post, this nation consumes 50 million burgers annually or 3 burgers per person per week.  That a lot of burgers.  We’ll focus on a few varieties and discuss techniques in creating just the right burger for your taste.

Beef Burgers – Its seems that every time this topic is discussed there is a mention of salmonella or e coli.  We’ll we are not immune to the discussion, but we can assure you the risk of contracting either of these ailments reduces SIGNIFICANTLY when you grind your own.  Yes…we will grind our own meat.

Pork Burgers – The other white meat gets the same treatment, but we will add a few additional herbs and seasoning to this patty for an outstanding burger.

Thai Chicken Burgers – We started a slider craze a while back with this burger.  Its spicy hot, salty, sour and sweet all at the same time.  Our quick pickles are usually a smash hit and great with the other burgers too.

Veggie Burger – During our summer camps we came across some kids who didn’t want to eat meat, so we created this veggie burger with grains, greens and plenty of flavor.  Quinoa gives this burger a nice crunch.

Fish Burger – Tilapia is a great firm texture fish that lends itself to making a tasty burger.

We’ll have to do some fries as well so leave some room.

Cost is $85.  Class begins at 5pm and lasts approximately 2.5 hours.