Mumbai Classics with Shilpa Badve

Indian born Shilpa Badve brings her native dishes to ITK in this spicy class from the Western region of India, which is quite unique and distinct from the other areas.
You’ll get an education of the different spices that make this cuisine so unique and flavorful.  Shilpa has also developed a line of chutneys and sauces that are found in many of the top grocery stores in the Bay Area and will be available to sample with this evenings menu.
Cucumber Salad (koshimbir) – cucumbers, yogurt, ground peanuts with curry leaves tempering.
Plain Rice and Toor dal with ghee and lemon.
Boiled potato veggie – one of the classics made for almost all important events.
Matki – Referred to as “moth beans” curry.
Poor – whole wheat fried bread.
Shira – A sweet dish made with semolina ends the meal.
Cost for this class is $85.  Class begins at 6:30pm and lasts for approximately 3 hours.