Kids Cooking Class – Asian Foods

Are your kids tastes surpassing your wheelhouse of recipes?  Bring them to ITK and in this class we’ll explore several flavors of Asia.

Fried Rice – Done right, there is not doubting how satisfying this dish becomes, done wrong and it can either be a clump of gummy mess or cruncy uncooked rice.  Have the kids be happy and learn the right way.

Pad Thai Noodles – This dish is usually cooked one portion at a time, which also allows you to control ingredients you like and do not like.  Even the pickiest eater can have it just the way they want.

Hot and Sour Soup – Its hot….its sour….its good.

Lettuce Cups – Crispy vegetables, juicy chicken, just the right amount of sauces and wrapped up in lettuce.  You’ll be amazed with how much vegetables your kids can eat.

Mango Boba Shake – Boba drinks are popular throughout Asia and mangoes are one of the most popular fruits.  You kids will experience the combination and if you’re lucky, they will share with you too.

Cost is $45.  Class begins at 10am.