Easy Weekday Meals

With a minmal of equipment and ingredients, we’ll create a wonderful meal that you should be able to create in 30 minutes or less. ¬†We’ll focus on devloping flavors and techiques that save you time yet produces a great result. Mushroom Crostini – This appetizer is hungry for any piece of random cheese in your fridge and makes a great first bite. Chicken Roulade – Such a simple dish really, but looks impressive and elegant. Herbed Polenta – While the chicken is cooking we’ll get to stirring a nice creamy polenta exploding with flavor from our garden herbs. Roasted Bell Peppers – The subtle hints of smoke bring another depth in flavor to our meal. Fresh Berries and Vanilla Creme – You’ll never need to buy canned whipped cream again as we’ll guide you and your arm to a workout on dessert. Cost is $85. Class begins at 6:30pm