Truth in Advertising

This is a lesson on reading labels and trusting your suppliers.

On a busy night, we needed more sour cream and I sent one of our staff to the store to get some.  Upon his return we went about our business and prepared some great food.  What happened next was quite a shock.

I looked down at the container of “sour cream” and noticed it said “sour creme.”


Which didn’t hit me as too odd initially, but after reading the packaging more, I noticed the “Unreal!!!” part and then decided to dig in a bit deeper.

I was shocked…..this was not sour cream at all, but some laboratory product of ingredients made to look like food.  At first, I was a bit mad, then it struck me that millions are fooled everyday on products just like this.


Read the labels.  Its important.


Look in the monthly archives. 🙂